Which is the fastest HSV?

Which is the fastest HSV?

The Holden Special Vehicles GTS-R W1 is not just any Commodore. It is the fastest, most powerful and — with an RRP of $170,000 — it’s also the most expensive locally-made car to ever be sold in showrooms in Australia.

How much HP does a HSV?

Model Engine Power
Holden Commodore SS Group A SV 4987 cc V8 180 kW (245 PS; 241 hp) @ 5200 rpm
SV88 4987 cc V8 136 kW (185 PS; 182 hp) @ 4400 rpm
SV F20 2962 cc I6 114 kW (155 PS; 153 hp) @ 5200 rpm
SV F20 Turbo option 2962 cc I6 with turbo 150 kW (204 PS; 201 hp) @ 5200 rpm

Will HSV go up in value?

Similar to historical Holden’s like the Torana and Monaro, the HSV range and Commodores will likely see appreciation in their value over time. In the HSV range, the GTS looks to be a standout and will likely sell for more than their original price going forward.

What is the best HSV?

We take a look back at 10 of the best-ever HSVs. And one we hope they will build.

  • 2000 HSV VTII GTS 300.
  • 2001 HSV GTS Coupe.
  • 2009 HSV E-Series 2 GTS.
  • 2015 HSV Gen-F2 GTS.
  • 2004 HSV WL Grange.
  • 2004 HSV VZ Maloo R8.
  • 2015 HSV Gen-F2 R8 Clubsport LSA.
  • 2017 HSV Gen-F2 GTS-R.

Why Holden is closing down?

Holden was the victim of dwindling sales in what’s considered a minor market, but killing off the brand that goes back 160 years – from dependable family transport to motor racing – has not gone down well.

What is the fastest Ford Falcon?

Ford Falcon GT
Fastest-ever: Ford Falcon GT. Blue oval builds the quickest locally-built car in history. After months of speculation Ford Performance Vehicles has finally unveiled its fastest Falcon GT to date: the limited edition R-Spec.

How many kW is a LS3 engine?

Go for the SS version and you pay an extra $1,500 than before but in return you will find a beefier LS3 V8 6.2-liter engine that develops 413 PS (304 kW) and 570 Nm (421 lb-ft). It’s enough muscle to grant the vehicle with a 0-62 mph (0-100 km/h) run in 4.9 seconds.

How many kW is a LS1?


Engine displacement; configuration Engine Power
5.7 L (5665 cc); V8 Generation III Alloy (LS1) 235 kW (315 hp)
5.7 L (5667 cc); V8 245 kW (329 hp)

What is the rarest Holden?

Top Rare Holden Cars

  • 1953 FJ SPECIAL.
  • 1957 FE Special Station Wagon.
  • 1962 EJ PREMIER.
  • 1968 HK MONARO GTS 327.
  • 1970 LC TORANA GTR XU-1.
  • 1971 HQ MONARO GTS 350 COUPE.
  • 1977 TORANA A9X HATCH.

Why are Holden’s so expensive now?

Industry experts say the coronavirus crisis and subsequent international travel restrictions have helped push up the price of collectible Holdens and other cars. The HSV GTS-R sedan cost about $110,000 plus on-roads when new, but low-kilometre examples are being advertised online for more than double that amount.

What is the rarest Commodore?

The rarest of the rare? The One Tonner Cross6. Of the 261,238 VZ Commodore-based vehicles built, a mere 50 exited the factory as cab-chassis, all-wheel-drive, go-anywhere work rigs.

Who owns Holden now?

General Motors
General Motors Australia LtdGeneral Motors Overseas Commercial Vehicle CorpGeneral Motors Holden Australia Ltd.
Holden/Parent organizations

When did the Honda HSV-010 GT come out?

The Honda HSV-010 GT (an abbreviation for Honda Sports Velocity) is a race car manufactured by Honda and designed for the Super GT racing series, where it competed from 2010 to 2013.

What kind of exhaust system does Honda HSV-010 have?

Instead, short exhaust system was adopted with its pipes on both sides, and more high-speed rotation in V8 engine became possible. HSV-GT improved its potential, and No.17 KEIHIN HSV-010 got the second position in Team’s Championship of the season.

What kind of processor is the boss gt-1000?

All sound is recorded directly from the BOSS GT-1000. Flagship amp/effects processor with uncompromising sound quality and unmatched expressiveness Industry-leading 32-bit AD/DA, 32-bit floating-point processing, and 96 kHz sampling rate throughout