Which maps are Naval Strike maps bf4?

Which maps are Naval Strike maps bf4?

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike: All Four Maps Detailed

  • Nansha Strike. Nansha Strike is a very boat heavy map with several bases spread out in the water to battle it out on, while at the same time allowing total infantry control of the middle areas.
  • Wave Breaker.
  • Operation Mortar.
  • Coming March 25 for Premium Members.

Is Paracel Storm Naval Strike?

This mode of gameplay is an homage to Titan mode in Battlefield 2142, working with two teams trying for control over each other’s aircraft – it’s all about infantry, missiles, and the destruction of two M-COM stations to gain access to the beast. …

How do you unlock the L115 in Battlefield 4?

The L115 is introduced in Battlefield 4: China Rising, originally designated as the L96A1. It is unlocked by completing the Need Only One assignment. Compared to other bolt-action sniper rifles, it has an average damage profile and rate of fire, but has slightly higher bullet velocity.

What is the best sniper in BF4?

Scout is the fastest sniper rifle in the game. apart from its high rate of fire, it is also the most accurate while hip-shooting, and has an incredibly high muzzle velocity….SCOUT ELITE.


How do you trigger a Paracel Storm?

Paracel Storm Just off the beach, between the carrier base and the island, there is battle ship that is crashed up against a spinning turbine. As the match progresses, a storm will slowly start to roll in and eventually, as the skies darken, the turbine will get hit with lightning and catch fire.

How long is bf4 campaign?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 611 6h 23m
Main + Extras 188 8h 54m
Completionists 77 15h 47m
All PlayStyles 876 7h 45m