Who are the band members of the Damn Yankees?

Who are the band members of the Damn Yankees?

Tommy Shaw
Michael CartelloneJack BladesTed NugentRobbie Buchanan
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Damn Yankees was an American rock supergroup formed in 1989 consisting of Tommy Shaw of Styx, Jack Blades of Night Ranger, Ted Nugent of The Amboy Dukes, and Michael Cartellone (then an unknown drummer who would later join Lynyrd Skynyrd).

Who was the drummer in Damn Yankees?

Michael Cartellone
For the last 18 years, Cleveland native Michael Cartellone has been the man behind the drums for legendary rock and rollers Lynyrd Skynyrd. Before that, he rose to fame as a founding member of 90’s super group Damn Yankees.

Was Ted Nugent in the band Damn Yankees?

Damn Yankees
The Amboy DukesDamnocracy2006 – 2010Hear ‘n Aid1985 – 1985
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What band was Tommy Shaw in before Styx?

Damn YankeesShaw BladesThe Smoke Ring
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Why did Tommy Shaw leave Styx?

DeYoung released his first solo album, Desert Moon, in 1984 while Styx was on sort of a hiatus after Tommy Shaw left to pursue a solo career. With his sense of humor and steadfast opinions always at the forefront, DeYoung spoke his mind, reminisced about the old days and pondered the future in our new interview.

How old is Tommy Shaw?

68 years (September 11, 1953)
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Is Tommy Shaw a good guitarist?

Although they recognised Tommy as a great guitarist/ vocalist and a dynamic performer, they weren’t aware of his song writing ability. Debuting on 1976’s wonderfully crafted Crystal Ball album, Tommy’s impact was felt immediately, having penned the title track and contributed to several other key moments.

Is Tommy Shaw still with Styx?

Shaw currently leads Styx along with James “JY” Young, the only remaining members from Styx’s heyday (although original bassist Chuck Panozzo appears as a guest musician for most of their concerts). Upon their reformation in 1996, Styx released the live album Return to Paradise.

Is Tommy Shaw an original member of Styx?

Tommy Roland Shaw (born September 11, 1953) is an American guitarist and singer best known as the frontman and guitarist for the rock band Styx….

Tommy Shaw
Associated acts Styx, Damn Yankees, Shaw Blades, MSFunk, the Smoke Ring

Is Tommy Shaw a vegetarian?

“Well I eat meat now,” Shaw said changing an emotional subject quickly, “so at least I can sit down at the same table with him. When we were first in Damn Yankees, I was a vegetarian or pescetarian. “Yes that’s a 335,” Shaw confirmed, “now I have a black one too.

Why did Styx split up?

The group disbanded in 1984. In the years following, DeYoung says that Young was angry at Shaw and wanted to find a new guitarist — an idea the singer refused for years. And Young insists that DeYoung was hellbent on going solo, no matter how hard he tried to put the band back together.

What is Tommy Shaw’s favorite guitar?

Because he plays for many different acts, Shaw has many styles and pieces of equipment. He primarily uses Fender Stratocasters and Gibson Les Paul guitars, but other notable instruments he utilizes are the Gibson Explorer, Hammer guitars, and Taylor acoustic guitars.

Who are the band members of Michael Cartellone?

Cartellone has toured and recorded with a wide variety of artists including Adrian Belew, Jack Blades (after the dissolution of Damn Yankees), Cher, John Fogerty, Peter Frampton, Brad Gillis, Wolf Hoffmann, Eddie Jobson, Freddie Mercury, Tommy Shaw (before and after the formation of Damn Yankees), Shaw Blades, Joe Lynn Turner, and John Wetton.

Who is the former drummer for Damn Yankees?

Biography. Cartellone is the former drummer of Damn Yankees (1989–1996, 1998-2001) and a former drummer for Accept (1996). After Damn Yankees broke up, Cartellone worked as the touring drummer for Ted Nugent and later John Fogerty before settling in with Lynyrd Skynyrd. Cartellone has toured and recorded with a wide variety…

When did the band Damn Yankees come out?

They are remembered for the songs ” High Enough ” and ” Where You Goin’ Now “, both Top 40 hits in the early 1990s. Produced by rock producer Ron Nevison, the new band’s self-titled debut album went double-platinum in 1990.

Is there going to be a Damn Yankees reunion?

As far as a potential Damn Yankees reunion goes, Cartellone told Cleveland NBC affiliate WKYC that he and other members of the band have continued to meet and write over the years. While a new album has yet to materialize, he says that does not mean the Damn Yankees are finished.