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Who are the two men in May Queen?

Who are the two men in May Queen?

Park Chang Hee ( Jae Hee) and Kang San ( Kim Jae Won) are the two men who war for her love. The total episode extended from 32 to 38 due to the high rating of this drama. Here is A new drama for Jae Hee, Kim Jae Won and Han Ji Hye fans.

Who is dohyon Jang’s Son in May Queen?

Dohyon Jang finds out that his son, Ilmoon Jang, was the one who stabbed him in the back. Ilmoon tells his father that Heju is Mrs. Jang’s biological daughter. 30. Episode 30 Mrs. Jang finds out that Heju is her biological daughter and reunites with her.

Who is the boss son in May Queen?

Bright and playful Kang San, the boss’s privileged son, returns to Korea after years abroad to find that he still carries a torch for Hae Joo. Edit Translation

Who is Hae joo in the book May Queen?

The heroine Hae Joo begins life in utter poverty. But despite being burdened with the secret past of her parents, she navigates treacherous waters and overcomes obstacles to achieve her dreams. Her childhood sweetheart Park Chang Hee, son of the butler to a company chairman, also rises above his humble beginnings to become a successful prosecutor.

Where does the story of May Queen take place?

Set in the local setting of Ulsan, this drama is a story of human triumph and success that the heroine Hae-ju achieves. Starting a life in utter poverty will make life depressing and leave a person with a lifetime disadvantage in some cases.

What kind of character is Hae ju in May Queen?

Overcoming these obstacles, Hae-ju ultimately finds success. Burdened with the secret past of her parents, Hae-ju navigates treacherous waters to reach her goal. She possesses natural confidence along with a sunny disposition. With an infectious curiosity, she has an enormous positive outlook on life.