Who are the Vorta in Star Trek?

Who are the Vorta in Star Trek?

The Vorta were a humanoid species genetically engineered by the Founders of the Dominion to act as field commanders, administrators, scientists, and diplomats. The Vorta saw themselves as those who “served the Founders.”

What race is weyoun?

Weyoun was a high-ranking male Vorta in the Dominion. He has been cloned at least nine times, as of 2376.

What happened to weyoun?

Weyoun 4 was the Vorta field supervisor in 2372 during a joint Federation/Dominion mission in the Gamma Quadrant to destroy a powerful Iconian “gateway” in the possession of renegade Jem’Hadar soldiers. After the mission succeeded, Weyoun 4 was killed by his own Jem’Hadar First for questioning his troops’ loyalty.

Are Vorta clones?

The Dominion is administered by the Vorta, clones specifically genetically engineered by the Founders to act as field commanders, administrators, scientists and diplomats.

How long do changelings live Star Trek?

DS9: “Chimera” suggests Changelings have a lifespan of at least two hundred years, although if Odo was indeed two hundred years old when he traveled back with the USS Defiant in an alternate timeline in DS9: “Children of Time”, that would indicate Changelings could live for at least four hundred years.

Can Vorta reproduce?

The Vorta were a genetically engineered race created by the Founders of the Dominion to act as field commanders, administrators, scientists and diplomats. Like the Jem’Hadar, Vorta do not reproduce sexually; individual Vorta have achieved a virtual state of immortality through cloning.

Who played the female changeling in Deep Space Nine?

Salome Jens
Salome Jens (born 8 May 1935; age 86) is an actress best known for her portrayal of the Female Changeling in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Is Iggy Pop a Star Trek fan?

Later in his career, Iggy Pop started taking small roles in movies and television shows, one of which was “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.” According to the “Deep Space Nine Companion,” showrunner Ira Steven Behr was a huge fan of Iggy.

Why do the founders look like Odo?

The first founder we see in DS9 is the female changeling in “The Search” (S03E01 / S03E02). When she assumes humanoid form, she chooses a shape akin to Odo. Some thoughts: The founders choose this shape to let Odo know that they’re his people.

Is Odo the only changeling?

He is a member of a shapeshifting species called Changelings and serves as the head of security for the space station Deep Space Nine on which the show is set….Odo (Star Trek)

Species Changeling
Affiliation Bajoran Militia
Significant other Kira Nerys, Lwaxana Troi
Posting Deep Space Nine

Who is the Vorta clone of Weyoun 8?

The Vorta clone Weyoun 8 was activated shortly after the death of Weyoun 7, and continued to oversee the war effort for the Dominion. He was initially unaware, however, that Damar had decided to turn against the Dominion and had arranged for Worf and Ezri Dax to escape.

Who is the Vorta of Weyoun in Memory Alpha?

Weyoun serves as one of Odo’s adjutants, alongside a Vorta created specifically for the game, Loriss, with whom he has a not-so-friendly rivalry.

How many Vorta are there in Star Trek Deep Space Nine?

By my count, there are only thirteen named Vorta in the entire run of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine — and five of them are named Weyoun, thanks to the Dominon’s tendency to re-clone their favorite servants like they’re playing Super Mario Bros.

Why was Weyoun 7 created in Star Trek?

Although normally a new clone is activated only upon the death of the old one, Weyoun 7 was created when his “defective” predecessor fled, and guided the effort to hunt him down. The seventh incarnation served in Weyoun’s normal capacity for several months, until he provoked Worf into snapping his neck.