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Who crashed at Kitzbuhel?

Who crashed at Kitzbuhel?

Urs Kryenbuehl
Swiss Beat Feuz won the Hahnenkamm downhill in Kitzbuehel, Austria, while countryman Urs Kryenbuehl and American Ryan Cochran-Siegle both crashed on Friday.

Is Chad Fleischer paralyzed?

Chad Fleischer of the United States tore ligaments in his right knee during a World Cup downhill training session today. The accident will most likely keep him out of next month’s Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City. Training for the weekend race was interrupted for about 20 minutes following the accident.

What happened to Ryan Cochran-Siegle?

But one untimely slip and a scary crash in Kitzbuehel, Austria, in January left Ryan Cochran-Siegle with a minor cervical fracture and abruptly ended the best season of his decade-long career on the US ski team.

What did Todd Brooker break?

A fall that would prematurely end his competitive career happened at Kitzbuhel, the place where he had learned to ski and won his first World Cup. The fall happened in 1987 and Brooker tore all four ligaments in an already injured knee and suffered a serious concussion.

Is Ryan Cochran-Siegle after crash?

Unfortunately, Olympian Ryan Cochran-Siegle crashed in Friday’s downhill at Kitzbuehel, Austria, sustaining a minor cervical spine (neck) fracture. He is otherwise OK, thankfully.

How old is Cochran Siegle?

29 years (March 27, 1992)
Ryan Cochran-Siegle/Age

Who are Ryan Cochran Siegle parents?

Barbara Cochran
Ryan Cochran-Siegle/Parents

Is Todd Brooker paralyzed?

I was absolutely amazed that I wasn’t paralyzed, that I didn’t break my neck or my back. How could I not have broken something critical? I had a concussion, a broken nose and I wrecked three ligaments in my left knee.

Who is Ryan Cochran Siegle father?

Barbara Ann Cochran
Personal: Son of Drew and Barbara Ann Cochran… Mother Barbara Ann won gold in slalom at the Olympic Winter Games Sapporo 1972… Has two sisters, Cate and Melanie…

Why was the ski race at Kitzbuehel stopped?

Cochran-Siegle returned to the team hotel but will sit out the rest of the weekend races, and his return to racing is to be determined. The race was stopped after 30 skiers and following an earlier delay for strong winds.

What kind of injuries did Swiss skier have?

“Swiss skier Urs Kryenbuehl crashes at the Hahnenkamm downhill in Kitzbuehel, Austria. His injuries include a concussion, a fracture of the right collarbone and a tear in the cruciate and inner ligament in the right knee.” Hoping for the best for Kryenbuehl.

How did Swiss skier get hurt in Hahnenkamm?

Swiss skier Urs Kryenbuehl lost body control on the last jump in the Hahnenkamm downhill today. He suffered multiple injuries including a broken collar bone and two ligament tears in right knee. The crash begins at the 1:45 mark in the video:

What was kryenbuehl’s speed on the final jump?

Full results are here. Kryenbuehl, who was third in two previous downhills this season, crashed coming off the final jump, tumbling across the finish line. He suffered a concussion, a fractured collarbone and torn right knee ligaments. His speed was clocked at 90 miles per hour just before the fall.