Who got 50 million subscribers play button?

Who got 50 million subscribers play button?

YouTube sent us this stunning ✨Custom Play Button✨ to celebrate Pinkfong Baby Shark’s English channel for reaching 50 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS! Pinkfong’s ‘Baby Shark Dance’ is the no. 1 most viewed video in YouTube history with over 9 billion views at press time.

Is there a 50 Subscriber play button?

The Custom Play Button or Ruby Play Button is a creator award given to YouTubers for reaching 50 million subscribers. It has no definite shape or color and as the name suggests is custom made with the channel’s logo and other features put on it.

Is the 10 million diamond play button real?

The Design of the Diamond Play Button After all the buzz, they are not really made of diamond. In fact, it doesn’t even a diamond piece. It’s simply a bright plaque award. These silver color brushed metal plaques with a big clear crystal is what YouTubers crave.

Who has the highest play button?

PewDiePie holding his Red Diamond Play Button. The Red Diamond Play Button at 100 million subscribers, made out of silver-plated metal inset with a large piece of dark red crystal. Currently, T-Series and PewDiePie are the only ones who have received this award.

What is the highest play button?

There are several Play Buttons channels can earn: the Silver Play Button for 100K subscribers; the Gold Play Button for 1 million; the Diamond Play Button for 10 million; and a customized for 50 million.

Is there a YouTube play button for 100 subscribers?

Some creators have claimed that they received a bronze play button after reaching 100 subscribers, but they made this button themselves. While you do not get a bronze play button at 100 subscribers, you do become eligible to create a custom URL for your channel, which is arguably more useful to your channel’s success.

Did PewDiePie sell his play button?

Pewdiepie’s play buttons are being sold on eBay – JackSucksAtLife buys his 100m subscriber briefcase! Pewdiepie’s YouTube memorabilia is selling for thousands on eBay after he got rid of loads of his materialistic belongings.

Is there a 50 million subscriber play button on YouTube?

T-Series Has A NEW 50 Million Subscriber Play Button! If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the TV’s watch history and influence TV recommendations. To avoid this, cancel and sign in to YouTube on your computer.

Which is the only custom Play Button in the world?

The T-Series play button displays the logo of T-Series in white color, and is made with transparent glass, which indicates that each channel that reaches 50 million subscribers will receive a customized award, not necessarily red in color. Canal KondZilla’s award is unique in that it’s the only custom play button to be round in shape.

Are there any channels with custom Play Button?

So far, only two channels have been confirmed to be given the Custom Play Button. PewDiePie , who actually coined the term “Ruby Play Button”, reaching 50 million subscribers in December 2016. T-Series, who reached 50 million subscribers in June 2018, claimed their play button with their logo inside the play button.

When do you get a Play Button award?

YouTube Subscriber Awards! The Play Button Awards for Creators YouTube rewards creators for channel growth using “Play Buttons,” YouTube Subscriber Awards that they mail to creators who have reached certain milestones such as 100,000 subscribers.