Who is anchor Udaya Bhanu husband?

Who is anchor Udaya Bhanu husband?

Udaya Bhanu is an Indian presenter and film actress best known for her works in Telugu television shows….Udaya Bhanu (actress)

Udaya Bhanu
Years active 1994–Present
Spouse(s) Vijay Kumar ​ ( m. 2004)​

Is Udaya Bhanu married?

Vijay Kumarm. 2004
Udaya Bhanu/Spouse

What is the age of anchor Udaya Bhanu?

44 Years
Udaya Bhanu (Actress) Height, Weight, Age, Husband, Biography & More

Personal Life
Date of Birth 5 August 1973
Age (as in 2017) 44 Years
Birth Place Karimnagar, Telangana, India

What is Suma age?

46 years (March 22, 1975)
Suma Kanakala/Age

Who is TikTok Bhanu?

Bhanu who is known as Bhanu1006 is a famous TikTok Star hailing from one of the Telugu states of South India. She is primarily famous for dubmash Videos, comedy video clips, dancing videos. Many of her performed lip-syncs went viral on TikTok(

What is the salary of Suma?

The host-turned-actress has been making appearances in audio functions, pre-release events of films and even television shows. Known for her spontaneous and humorous anchoring skills, Suma is reportedly charging Rs 2-2.5 lakh for each show and event.

What is the salary of Pradeep Machiraju?

It is expected that Pradeep’s income is more than 40 lakhs per month. He demands 1.25 lakhs per episode in the shows he does. Present he working very busily in all the channels is acquiring good amount of properties.

What is the age of Vishnu Priya?

34 years (February 22, 1987)

Who is Kristen Ravali?

Kristen Ravali is a famous Indian Social Media Star, Actress, and also famous Tik-Tok star. She has more than 6 Million Followers on Tik-Tok. She worked in many YouTube videos and also in many Short Films.

Who is the richest anchor in Tollywood?

Here are the top anchors and their remuneration per show:

  • Suma leads the list with Rs 2.5 Lakhs.
  • Anasuya- Rs 2 Lakhs.
  • sudigali sudheer- Rs 2 Lakhs.
  • Reshmi- Rs 1.5 to 1.75 Lakhs.
  • Sreemukhi- Rs 1.3 to 2 Lakhs.
  • Pradeep – Rs1 Lakh.
  • Ravi- Rs 1 Lakh.
  • Jhansi- Rs 50,000 to 1 Lakh.

How much does anchor Suma earn per day?

How much does anchor Suma earn?