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Who is the author of Tess Gerritsen books?

Who is the author of Tess Gerritsen books?

1 Tess Gerritsen is the pen name for Terry Gerritsen, an American international bestselling author of romance and medical thriller novels. Born in San Diego, California, Tess graduated from Stanford University with a BA in Anthropology, before getting her MD at the University of California.

Where did Tess Gerritsen go to medical school?

In 1975, Gerritsen graduated from Stanford University with a BA in anthropology, intrigued by the ranges of human behavior. She went on to study medicine at the University of California, San Francisco. She received her medical degree in 1979 and started work as a physician in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Who is Tess Gerritsen in The Hunger Games?

Tess Gerritsen (born June 12, 1953) is an American novelist and retired physician.

What makes Tess Gerritsen a Master of thrills?

Combining real world knowledge with fully fleshed out character and thoughtful story lines is the hallmark of a master of thrill, and Tess Gerritsen possesses all these qualities, with the momentous addition of her professional training and experience and dedication to realism and research.

Where does Sarah Fontaine from Tess Gerritsen live?

A retired physician, Tess now works as a full-time writer. She currently lives in Maine with her family. When Sarah Fontaine receives a phone call in the dead of night, she expects it to be from her newly-wed husband who is in London.

What was the Silent Girl by Tess Gerritsen inspired by?

Novel ‘The Silent Girl’ uses Chinese martial arts and traditional motives in contemporary Boston. One of the victims is a Chinese chef. Yakov’s Lament (2012), a solo violin piece by French composer Damien Top, is inspired by Gerritsen’s novel Harvest.

Who are the main characters in the surgeon by Tess Gerritsen?

Tess Gerritsen’s first crime thriller, The Surgeon, was published in the year 2001, and was the first book to feature the character Jane Rizzoli. While only a supporting character in the novel, Det. Rizzoli would go to to become her most recognizable character, along with her counterpart and foil, Dr. Maura Isles.

When did Tess Gerritsen write the Bone Garden?

Although most of her recent books have been in the Rizzoli/Isles series, in 2007 Gerritsen wrote a stand-alone historical thriller titled The Bone Garden.