Who is the author of the Redwall series?

Who is the author of the Redwall series?

Take our free Redwall Series Checklist to your local library! British author Brian Jacques grew up in Liverpool, England, and was greatly influenced by the writings of celebrated authors like Arthur Conan Doyle, Kenneth Grahame, Sir Thomas Mallory, and Daniel Defoe. He discovered his own talent for writing when he was just ten years old.

Where can I get the Redwall series for free?

Inevitably, trouble finds its way to the abbey, and readers are whisked off into an imaginary world full of humor, mind-bending riddles, intrepid heroes, and rabble-rousing villains. Take our free Redwall Series Checklist to your local library!

Who are the main characters in Redwall by Brian Jacques?

But Brian Jacques is an expert at character and plot development, which is one of the reasons readers will keep coming back to read more and more of this 22-book series. In Redwall, the first book in the series, readers meet Matthias, a young mouse who yearns for action.

What’s the grade level for The Hobbit Redwall?

Scholastic lists Redwall as a 7.8 grade level. It lists a 6.6 grade level for The Hobbit. However, both Redwall and The Hobbit have wonderful audiobooks available and are very enjoyable to listen to. My oldest child never read The Hobbit, but he listened to it at least three times before leaving for college.

The Redwall series was written by Brian Jacques. The series chronicles the adventures of the anthropomorphic animals inhabiting Redwall Abbey and the surrounding countryside of Mossflower Wood, including mice, moles, hares, badgers, and other woodland species.

How old is Mariel in the Redwall series?

Recommend Ages: 10-14 New York Times bestselling author Brian Jacques masterfully recounts more woodland adventures in the seventh epic in the Redwall series! It has been four seasons since Mariel, the warrior-mouse daughter of Joseph the Bellmaker, and her companion, Dandin, set off from Redwall to fight evil in Mossflower.

When was the first season of Redwall released?

The first season of the Redwall television series, released in 1999, was based upon the novel Redwall. It was later followed by two more seasons, based on the books Mattimeo and Martin the Warrior.

Who are the weasels in the book Redwall?

The inhabitants of Redwall relax in the haze of summer-but as they do, the neighboring stronghold of Salamandastron lies besieged by the evil weasel army of Ferhago the Assassin. Worse still, Mara, beloved daughter of Urthstripe, Badger Lord of the Fire Mountain, is in terrible danger.