Who is the director of the movie Shabdo?

Who is the director of the movie Shabdo?

Shabdo (Sound) is a 2013 Indian Bengali film directed by Kaushik Ganguly. The film revolves around the life of Tarak, a foley artist of Bengali film. Tarak’s job is to create ambient sounds for films, but, he gradually gets trapped in his own world, a world full of sound (i.e. Shabdo).

Who are the actors in the movie Shabdavedhi?

The film, released in 2000 starred Rajkumar, Jayapradha, K. S. Ashwath, Sowcar Janaki, Umashree in lead roles. The music was composed by Hamsalekha . This film marked the last acting venture of the celebrated actor Rajkumar.

Who is the author of the book Shabd?

Author Shaukat Vashisht ( Sanjay Dutt) lives a wealthy life-style in India with his wife, Antra ( Aishwarya Rai ), who is a College Teacher. Shaukat achieves fame when he is nominated for the Booker prize, and goes on to win it.

Who is Antara in the movie Shabd?

Aishwarya Rai as Antara Vashisth/Tamanna, Shaukat’s wife and a college teacher. Zayed Khan as Yash Agnihotri, A young college teacher who is in love with Antara. The music of the film did get good reviews among audiences, though the film overall performed well below expectations at the box office.

How old is Kaushik Ganguly the movie director?

Kaushik Ganguly (born 4 August 1968) is an Indian film director, screenwriter and actor in Bengali cinema.

When did Kaushik Ganguly move to ETV Bangla?

In 1987, Ganguly began working as a screenwriter for Tollywood films. In 1995, he moved to ETV Bangla to direct telefilms like Ushnatar Janye, Ulka and Aatithi. These telefilms incorporated elements like lesbianism and sex determination that had not been depicted in Bengali television productions before.

Who is Tarak in the movie Shabdo?

Tarak is a professional foley artist whose obsession with creating sound effects for films makes him oblivious to all the talking around him. As his family and friends struggle to cope up See full summary »