Who is the heart of the matter by Don Henley about?

Who is the heart of the matter by Don Henley about?

Don Henley
J. D. SoutherMike Campbell
The Heart of the Matter/Composers

Did Don Henley write a song about Stevie Nicks?

The somber ballad “Sara” was written in the aftermath of Nicks’ relationship with Mick Fleetwood — who went on to marry Sara Rector in 1988 — as well as the singer’s unexpected pregnancy with collaborator and Eagles member Don Henley.

Who wrote the Eagles song heart of the matter?

The Heart Of The Matter/Artists

Who was the song forgiveness written about?

The song was inspired by the true story of Renee Napier, who chose to forgive Eric Smallridge, a drunk driver who took the life of her 20-year-old daughter. As West explained to CCM Magazine, “the story made me take a look at my own life and ask myself if I’d be able to do the impossible, just like she did.”

Who is Don Henley’s wife?

Sharon Summerallm. 1995
Don Henley/Wife

Who sings the song heart of the matter?

Don Henley
The Heart of the Matter/Artists

Is Fleetwood Mac in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

Stevie Nicks has spoken about being the only woman to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame twice. The Fleetwood Mac singer was inducted with the band in 1998 and again as a solo artist in 2019.

Who sings the song Leather and Lace?

Stevie Nicks
Don Henley
Leather and Lace/Artists

Is forgiveness a quality?

Forgiveness can be a gift to yourself or to others, it may be something you receive, but it can also be a quality that describes a relationship where one must be capable of self-forgiveness in order to forgive others. If hope gives you wings, forgiveness will often be what you will need to get off the ground.

Who is the richest Eagle?

The founding member and co-lead vocalist of the Eagles, Don Henley has a net worth of $250 million which makes him the richest member of the band.

What disease does Don Henley’s wife have?

multiple sclerosis
Henley married in 1995, has multiple sclerosis.] It’s OK. We’re fortunate in that she has the relapsing/remitting form of MS, not the kind where you go straight downhill. So she’s holding her own.

How old is Don Henley from the Eagles?

74 years (July 22, 1947)
Don Henley/Age

Who is the singer of heart of the matter?

@gilby_jr Dont listen to these idiots this song was written by Don Henley and JD souther. Morons spreading lies and misinformation… When a couple who have been married for a long time decide to break the relationship, it breaks your heart and that’s what Don Henley talks about in this song.

Who was the singer on the song Heart of the matter by Don Henley?

Once Henley possessed the music, he went looking for some help fleshing out the lyrics. JD Souther, who had long collaborated with the Eagles while carving out a successful solo career in his own right, was the obvious choice.

Is the heart of the matter a happy song?

There was an error. General Comment Believe it or not, this song actually has a happy ending. It was written by a guy named Rodney Eubanks. I may have the story a little wrong, but here’s the gist of it: Rodney and his high school sweetheart went their separate ways and she married someone else.

What happens at the end of heart of the matter?

If you hear “The Heart Of The Matter” on the radio, you might hear an edit that sends the song rocketing somewhat awkwardly from the end of the verse to the chorus.