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Who is the manufacturer of the Brno rifle?

Who is the manufacturer of the Brno rifle?

The company Zbrojovka Brno builds on the famous tradition of the armament production in Brno as a subsidiary of Česká zbrojovka a.s. Uherský Brod. The high-quality products of Zbrojovka Brno s.r.o. in the product range BRNO RIFLES are offered through the distribution network of Česká zbrojovka a.s. Uherský Brod, including spare parts.

Is the Brno Super 575 double rifle over / under?

The action of the 575 Super double rifle was engineered for strength and featured double under-locking lugs and twin Kersten top bolts as well. It is a design that incorporates best practice features for an over/under double rifle. With the rifle taken down the strength of the action can be appreciated.

What kind of rifle is the Brno 2.22lr?

The name BRNO is one that most Americans will never have heard of, but when I was a young man living and working in the Western Australian Goldfields the first rifle I ever purchased with one of my first paychecks was a BRNO Model 2 .22lr rimfire.

What was the name of the Brno light machine gun?

It was during these inter-war years that the newly established BRNO developed one of the most famous machine guns in history. This light machine gun was originally the BRNO ZB vz.26, with a vz.27 having been submitted for British Army trials in the 1930’s.

When did Zbrojovka Brno stop making rifles?

The assembly of Austrian Mannlicher rifles was replaced by the production of German Mauser rifles and later the production of rifles 24 according to the company’s own design. In the years 1924 – 1925, the buildings for the production of rifles, machine guns, and cars and for the needs of an engineering shop and a tool shop were built.

What kind of rifle is the Brno zkw 465?

Unusual custom stocked BRNO ZKW 465 in 222 Remington, not Hornet. This rifle appears to be used very little. It features a straddle floorplate which seems to have a slightly differt blue.Click for more info Rifle is in very good condition with a few light handling marks.

What kind of machinery does Zbrojovka Brno make?

In the eighties, Zbrojovka Brno produced office, communication, and computer equipment, diesel engines for Zetor tractors, and special and general utility tools. The hunting and sporting firearms formed only a smaller part of the volume of production.

What’s the factory code on a Brno 22?

There are also early BRNO rifles that are marked TGF with little to no other markings. They are basically Model 1 pattern rifle, and opinions vary on its meaning. One is that TGF was the German factory code during wartime and the guns were made in 1944-45 for the German military.

When was the first Brno 22LR rifle made?

Model 1 rifles are the original first design from 1944-45. Near the end of WWII the German military tasked BRNO Arms with designing a training rifle in 22LR. The designers chosen were the Koucky brothers and Malek of BRNO, who came up with the new rifle design. Limited production appears to have begun in late 1944 or early 1945.

Is the BRNO Model 2 pest control rifle still available?

Many of us who purchased a Model 2 in the distant past probably still own the same rifle and have never felt a need to upgrade it. Despite this, they are frequently offered for sale at very attractive prices and if you are looking for a no-nonsense, accurate pest control rifle, this may be just the one for you.

How big is the barrel of a Brno rifle?

LOP 14 1/2″. 20 1/2″ barrel with an UNFIRED bore. Blued metal and checkered Walnut pistol grip stock and for …Click for more info This Czechoslovakian made .22LR Brno Arms CZ 511 rifle has a 22” threaded blued tapered round barrel that is mounted with a blade front sight and a driftable, folding notch rear sight.

What kind of rifle is the Brno stopper?

BRNO STOPPER O/U Double Rifle, .458 WinMag The Brno Stopper is an Over/Under double rifle chambered in .458 Win. Mag. for Africa’s most dangerous game.

When was the Brno 22 rimfire rifle made?

The 1950s BRNO production of 22 rimfire rifles is considered a peak in innovation and workmanship. They are highly respected in the rimfire world, and in the opinion of many, these classic rifles have yet to be surpassed even decades later.