Who is the new anchor on CTV News?

Who is the new anchor on CTV News?

Lisa LaFlamme
As Chief News Anchor and Senior Editor of CTV NATIONAL NEWS WITH LISA LAFLAMME since 2011, Lisa LaFlamme leads the country’s #1 newscast where she has cemented her role as the face of news in Canada.

Is Lisa LaFlamme still with CTV News?

Lisa LaFlamme, OC, OOnt (born July 25, 1964) is a Canadian television journalist, and currently the chief anchor and senior editor of CTV National News.

Who are the reporters for CTV?

CTV News Journalists

  • Adams, Keri. Agecoutay, Creeson. Aiello, Rachel. Almeida, Ana. Antoneshyn, Alex.
  • Commisso, Christina. Cousins, Ben. Cowdell, Madeline. Coyne, Todd. Crompton, Steven.
  • Gill, Meagan. Gray, Mackenzie. Grelo, Melissa. Hahn, Phil. Hamamdjian, Daniele.
  • Lee, Vanessa. Leung, Marlene. Lourenco, Denio. Lovett-Reid, Pattie.

Who is the most influential news anchor?

If you are looking for the best news journalists in 2021, we have taken a closer look at the most influential reporters in the industry today.

  • Lester Holt, NBC News.
  • Anderson Cooper, CNN.
  • David Muir, ABC.
  • Shereen Bhan, CNBC-TV18.
  • Robin Roberts, ABC.
  • Christiane Amanpour, CNN.

How much money does a CTV News anchor make?

CTV News Jobs by Salary

Job Title Range Average
Job Title:News Anchor Range:C$44k – C$94k (Estimated *) Average:C$62,211
Journalist, News Range:C$45k – C$95k (Estimated *) Average:C$64,327
Executive Producer Range:C$53k – C$147k (Estimated *) Average:C$90,042
Journalist Range:C$42k – C$78k (Estimated *) Average:C$55,004

Who are the anchors of CTV News in Canada?

As the strains of an operatic overture wafted over the crowd of broadcasting glitterati gathered at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre for the 11th annual Gemini Awards in March, three familiar figures strode onstage with exaggerated hauteur. On the scene of the Manitoba flood in 1997 (courtesy Maclean’s). Anchor of CTV News (courtesy Maclean’s).

Who are the female anchors on NBC News?

Tamron Hall is a famous broadcast journalist who is presently hosting crime show “Deadline: Crime” that broadcasts on Investigation Discovery. Tamron’s past work includes the American National News anchor for NBC News, a co-host of Today’s Take, day-side anchor for MSNBC, and program host for MSNBC Live with Tamron Hall.

Who was the first Canadian national news anchor?

The first time Mansbridge sat in for Knowlton Nash on The National one Saturday night in 1981, he remembers the rush of realizing the history he had inherited with that anchor chair. “I was scared s–less,” he chuckles, betraying a candor and vocabulary he would never dare on air.

Who are some famous female reporters in Canada?

Kim interviewed Cher, Coldplay, David Bowie, Diddy, Janet Jackson, and Kanye West, who were the icons of great pop culture. Later, She has become known as a top reporter for entertainment in Canada as a host of etalk.