Who is the owner of Technip?

Who is the owner of Technip?

The French government owns a 4 percent stake in the company….TechnipFMC.

Type Public limited company
Founded 2017; Technip (1958), FMC Technologies (2001)
Headquarters London, United Kingdom (legal domicile) /Houston, United States, (Operational headquarters)
Area served Worldwide
Key people Douglas Pferdehirt (CEO)

What does TechnipFMC PLC do?

TechnipFMC Plc is a global energy service company. The Company is a technology provider to the traditional and energies industry. Its solutions range from products and services to fully integrated solutions based on technologies. The Company operates across two business segments: Subsea and Surface Technologies.

How much does the CEO of TechnipFMC make?

As the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of TechnipFMC plc, the total compensation of Douglas Pferdehirt at TechnipFMC plc is $15,351,200.

When did FMC merger with Technip?

TechnipFMC, created in 2017 through a merger between France-based Technip and U.S.-based FMC Technologies, announced its intention to separate into two independent public firms in August 2019 – one focused on upstream activities – Technip FMC – the other on midstream and downstream – Technip Energies.

Who is the CEO of TechnipFMC?

Douglas J. Pferdehirt (1 May 2019–)

Is TechnipFMC a good company?

About TechnipFMC Really a great platform for beginners and experienced engineers. TechnipFMC is really excellent at receiving many projects and has good track of many Oil and Gas projects.

How many employees does TechnipFMC have?

Each of our approximately 20,000 employees is driven by a commitment to our clients’ success, and a culture of strong execution, purposeful innovation, and challenging industry conventions.

Is Technipfmc a Fortune 500 company?

Acquired by TechnipFMC (Britain), Jan. 17, 2017….Company Info.

CEO Douglas J. Pferdehirt
Years on Fortune 500 List
Employees 15,500