Who lives in New Wardour?

Who lives in New Wardour?

Jasper Conran’s
Jasper Conran’s home in New Wardour Castle on market. THE home of designer Jasper Conran near Tisbury is up for grabs. The apartment, which is within New Wardour Castle, is on the market for £3,950,000. The principal apartment within the Palladian mansion has more than 23,000 sq ft of accommodation.

Where does Jasper Conran live now?

I do think I have a beady eye for the beautiful,” says Jasper Conran, reflecting on the exquisite collection of furniture and art he has gathered over the course of a lifetime, and that found its fullest expression in his apartment at New Wardour Castle in Wiltshire.

Who lived in Wardour Castle?

In the Saxon period the manor of Wardour belonged to the kings of Wessex, but at the time of the Norman Conquest it was owned by Wilton Abbey. In the 13th and 14th century the abbey tennants were the St Martin family.

Who built Wardour Castle?

William Wynford
Old Wardour Castle/Architects

How old is Jasper?

61 years (December 12, 1959)
Jasper Conran/Age

Are dogs allowed at Wardour Castle?

Old Wardour Castle Dogs on leads are welcome to explore the castle with their owners. A water bowl can be found near the entrance point and visitors are asked to take any dog mess away with them as there are no dog bins on-site.

Who owns Ven House?

‘ Mike is the founder of the architecture and interior design firm Studio Indigo (his London house was featured in the October 2018 issue of House & Garden). He and his partner bought Ven in 2015 from Jasper Conran, who had owned it for eight years.

Who is Jasper Conran married to?

Oisin Byrnem. 2015
Jasper Conran/Spouse

Along with my dog and my husband.” (Conran has been married for six years to the artist Oisin Byrne, who is 24 years his junior.)

What happened to Old Wardour Castle?

The castle was built in the 1390s, came into the ownership of the Arundells in the 16th century and was rendered uninhabitable in 1643 and 1644 during the English Civil War.

Are dogs allowed at Wardour castle?

Who lived in Nunney Castle?

The de la Mare family remained owners of Nunney Castle until the early fifteenth century when the last male heir, Elias de la Mare, died during Henry V’s 1415 campaign in France. It passed through marriage to Sir John Poulet, whose main residence was Basing Castle (now Basing House) in Hampshire.

Is Jasper a semi precious stone?

Jasper is a semiprecious stone most commonly used in jewellery.

Who was the original owner of New Wardour Castle?

New Wardour Castle is widely recognised as one of England’s finest country houses. It was originally built for the Arundell family, but one and a half miles from Old Wardour Castle, the aristocratic family’s former home before it was besieged during the English Civil War and rendered uninhabitable.

When is Jasper Conran’s New Wardour Castle auction?

This September, the designer famous for his meticulous taste will be auctioning off a feast of 18th century artisanal pieces and one-of-a-kind furniture items in what is likely to be the sale of the year

How big is the New Wardour Castle in Wiltshire?

An apartment occupying part of New Wardour Castle, an English country house in Wiltshire, it boasts 23,000 square feet of living space, plus a rare sweeping rotunda staircase designed by English architect James Paine and full-sized pipe organ made of wood, ivory and gold.

When was Camellia house built in Wardour Castle?

A Camellia house, with walled gardens, was built northeast of the house in 1769 by Richard Woods for the 8th Baron. Plans for the grounds were suggested by Woods in 1764, but these proved too expensive and in 1773 were revised by George Ingham.