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Who owns Bridge Senior Living?

Who owns Bridge Senior Living?

Bridge already is proving itself to be a top-tier operator and is being rewarded by the market, with move-ins now largely at pre-Covid levels across the entire portfolio, Robb Chapin, partner and CEO of Bridge Seniors Housing & Medical Properties, told SHN.

What is JEA Senior Living?

JEA Senior Living is a privately owned and operated senior living management company with communities nationwide with services ranging from Independent/Retirement Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care communities.

Who owns the Arbor company?

Who is the CEO of The Arbor Company? The CEO of The Arbor Company is Judd Harper. Ratings from 177 employees, gives Judd Harper an approval rating of 71%.

How many communities does the Arbor company have?

Based in Atlanta, The Arbor Company operates more than 40 independent living, assisted living and memory care communities, serving seniors in eleven states.

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Lord Mace Tyrell

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7 Most Alcoholic Wines in the World to Drink

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Where are the Arbor company assisted living communities?

Based in Atlanta, The Arbor Company operates more than 40 independent living, assisted living and memory care communities, serving seniors in eleven states. With more than 30 years of dedication and experience, we strive to deliver the highest quality care and service to residents and their families.

Can a senior live alone at Arbor Village?

At Arbor Village Senior Living we provide premier assisted living accommodations to seniors who are unable to live alone independently. Memory loss diseases can be extremely challenging, not only to the individual who is facing the illness, but also to the entire family.

What does the Arbor company do for seniors?

The Arbor Company does not just offer luxury retirement to independent seniors. In fact, we excel at providing a helping hand to seniors who need additional assistance to stay healthy and comfortable.

Who are the leaders of the Arbor company?

Arbor Company leaders are some of the most recognized and accomplished senior living professionals in the country. Their experience and encouragement guide our future vision for senior living. Judd leads the company’s day-to-day operations.