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Who owns Shield Line?

Who owns Shield Line?

This page includes the latest FDA filings for Shield Line L L C….FDA Filings.

Registration Number 3009701887
Owner & Operator Shield Line LLC
Contact Address 1 University Plaza suite 514 Hackensack NJ 07601 US
Official Correspondent Herman Jacobs x-201-6242332-x

Who is MedPride?

Medpride is a growing brand of disposable medical products manufactured by the Shield Line Company. As manufacturers of medical gloves, ointments, scrubs and other single-use hospital supplies, we are well-acquainted with the designs that users prefer while keeping costs under control.

Who makes MedPride?

the ShieldLine Company
MedPride® is a growing brand of disposable medical and wound care products manufactured by the ShieldLine Company.

Where are MedPride products made?

The MedPride Powder-Free Nitrile Exam Gloves are manufactured in Thailand.

Is Medpride a USA company?

Medpride gloves are made in China. They are good gloves and they do what you need them for. As for the coronavirus they are still just as good if you don’t wish to touch things out in public. They will serve that use.

How thick are Medpride nitrile gloves?

5-mil thick
HEAVY DUTY STRENGTH: Created with 5-mil thick, medical grade synthetic rubber, the Medpride disposable gloves offer higher puncture resistance, are stretchable, provide with a comfy, ambidextrous fit and are mighty durable.