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Who played Marshal Ney in Waterloo?

Who played Marshal Ney in Waterloo?

Dan O’Herlihy
Dan O’Herlihy: Marshal Michel Ney. Jump to: Photos (1)

Did Marshal Ney survive Waterloo?

After a court-martial decided in November that it did not have jurisdiction, he was tried on 4 December 1815 for treason by the Chamber of Peers. On 6 December 1815, Ney was condemned, and on 7 December 1815 he was executed by firing squad in Paris near the Luxembourg Gardens.

Who made Waterloo?

Waterloo (1970 film)

Waterloo (Ватерлоо)
Directed by Sergei Bondarchuk
Screenplay by H. A. L. Craig Sergei Bondarchuk Vittorio Bonicelli Mario Soldati
Story by H. A. L. Craig
Produced by Dino De Laurentiis

How long is the film Waterloo?

2h 14m
Waterloo/Running time

How historically accurate is Waterloo?

“Waterloo” is one of the most accurate depictions of a major battle ever put on film. None of the major events are contemptuous of history. However, there are some key events and exposition that are left out. The movie has him arriving unimpeded on the French flank.

How many died in the battle of Waterloo?

Of the 68000 Anglo-Allied armed forces, there were 17000 military casualties, 3,500 killed outright, 3,300 missing and over 10,000 wounded, however this compared with French losses of at least 24000 killed and up to 8000 soldiers captured according to war service records.

What happened to grouchy at Waterloo?

Because of his aristocratic background Grouchy was spared court martial and death, but he was exiled and lived in the United States until 1921, when he was granted amnesty by the royal regime. In 1830 King Louis Philippe restored his marshal’s baton and his place in the Chamber of Peers.

Who was Napoleon’s right hand man?

An able and talented organiser, Berthier was Napoleon’s right-hand man on campaign right up to the Campagne de France in 1814. Always in full dress uniform, as all those under him, Berthier ran headquarters with great efficiency.

How many died at Battle of Waterloo?

How many died in the Battle of Waterloo?

Who filmed Waterloo?

The movie was done by Dino De Laurentis in a Soviet-Italian production and filmed in the Ukraine using Red Army troops as the two giant opposing forces of the French led by Napoleon Bonaparte (Rod Steiger) and the British led by Arthur Wellesley the Duke of Wellington (Christopher Plummer) clashed at Waterloo.

How many horses died at Waterloo?

Battle of Waterloo
Casualties and losses
Total: 41,000-42,000 24,000 to 26,000 casualties, including 6,000 to 7,000 captured 15,000 missing Total: 23,000-24,000 Wellington’s army: 17,000 3,500 killed 10,200 wounded 3,300 missing Blücher’s army: 7,000 1,200 killed 4,400 wounded 1,400 missing
Both sides: 7,000 horses killed