Who was the Well of Moses created for?

Who was the Well of Moses created for?

Claus Sluter
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It was executed by Sluter and his workshop in 1395–1403 for the Carthusian monastery of Chartreuse de Champmol built as a burial site by the Burgundian Duke Philip the Bold just outside the Burgundian capital of Dijon, now in France.

Who commissioned Well of Moses?

Philip the Bold
Claus Sluter’s Well of Moses. The Chartreuse de Champmol, Dijon, France, 1395 – 1406. Limestone with traces of paint, height of figures about 5’8″. This well was commissioned by the Burgundian duke Philip the Bold.

When was the Well of Moses created?

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What is the name of the monumental sculptural work that Philip the Bold commissioned at the Charterhouse of Champmol?

Philip founded the Carthusian monastery of Champmol at Dijon in 1383 and made its chapel a dynastic mausoleum adorned with sculpture by Sluter. All of the surviving sculpture known to be by Sluter was made for Philip.

What does the well of Moses symbolize?

The six-sided “Well of Moses,” now lacking its crowning Calvary group, which made the whole a symbol of the “fountain of life,” presents six life-sized prophets holding books, scrolls, or both.

Who was the Duke of Burgundy?

Philip III, byname Philip the Good or French Philippe Le Bon, (born July 31, 1396, Dijon, Burgundy [now in France]—died June 15, 1467, Bruges [now Brugge, Belgium]), the most important of the Valois dukes of Burgundy (reigned 1419–67) and the true founder of the Burgundian state that rivaled France in the 15th century.

Who was the last king of Burgundy?

Charles, byname Charles the Bold, French Charles le Téméraire, (born Nov. 10, 1433, Dijon, Burgundy [now in France]—died Jan. 5, 1477, near Nancy, Lorraine), last of the great dukes of Burgundy (1467 to 1477).

Who married Charles of Burgundy?

Isabella of Bourbonm. 1454
Catherine of France, Countess of Charolaism. 1440
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Who was the ruler of Burgundy?

Gundobad, also called Gundibald, (died 516), barbarian general during the last days of the Roman Empire in the west, and king of the Burgundians (c. 474–516).

Who was Maximilian of Burgundy?

Maximilian was the eldest son of the emperor Frederick III and Eleanor of Portugal. By his marriage in 1477 to Mary, daughter of Charles the Bold, duke of Burgundy, Maximilian acquired the vast Burgundian possessions in the Netherlands and along the eastern frontier of France.

Do Maximilian and Mary of Burgundy have children?

Mary and Maximilian had two children who survived to adulthood: Philip ‘the Fair’ (1478-1506), future Duke of Burgundy and father of Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, and Margaret (1480-1530), whom we will encounter again in a few weeks. Maximilian was, by all accounts, broken-hearted by Mary’s tragic death.

How old was Mary of Burgundy when she got married?

20 years old
Marriage. Mary soon made her choice among the many suitors for her hand by selecting Archduke Maximilian of Austria, the future Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I, who became her co-ruler. The marriage took place at Ghent on 19 August 1477, she was 20 years old.