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Who wrote George Gently?

Who wrote George Gently?

Peter Flannery
Robert Murphy
Inspector George Gently/Writers

How many series of Inspector George Gently are there?

eight series
Inspector George Gently to end after eight series. Good news: Inspector George Gently is making a comeback.

How many episodes of Inspector George Gently were made?

Inspector George Gently/Number of episodes

Why did they cancel George Gently?

Martin Shaw reveals why he had to say goodbye to Inspector George Gently. “It’s the right time,” Shaw tells RadioTimes.com. “I mean, for a start, George is getting fed up with policing, you know, and the feelings that he has about his life, and just generally he is not suited to the modern police force.”

What car does George Gently drive?

Rover P5 Mark II
In the 2007-2010 BBC series George Gently, Inspector George Gently (played by Martin Shaw) drives a Rover P5 Mark II.

How many books are in the Inspector George Gently series?

Publication Order of Inspector George Gently Books. The Inspector George Gently series comprises of a total of 46 novels based on the crime fiction genre. The novels were written by the English author Alan Hunter and were published between the years 1955 and 1999.

What happens at the end of Inspector George Gently?

The murdered body lies naked on the sand near the beach with stab wounds all over it. The owners of the resort do not want the people to believe that there is a maniac roaming in time. Gently starts hunting the murderer by following his investigations. He also has to find the identity of the victim.

Who was Inspector George Gently in the Norfolk Broads?

The unflappable Inspector George Gently has become… The twenty-fifth George Gently adventure, featurin… She seemed to care only for music and poetry. Why … The Norfolk Broads seemed the perfect place to rec…

Which is the best book in the Chief Superintendent Gently series?

Book 10 in the Chief Inspector George Gently case … Gently wades through a torrent of suspects when a … If a tiger mauled a man to death, would he bother … A police man-hunt fails to find the husband of a b… There’s blood in the heather and a murderer on the… Good music, fine dining and comfortable surroundin…