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Why are so many Raychem products in stock?

Why are so many Raychem products in stock?

Many of our products are in stock with most orders shipped out the same day Extend life, increase reliability, and improve performance of components and parts. Products for every application, from pipe freeze protection to high-temperature process maintenance.

Where can I get Raychem cable terminations?

Raychem Supply is your source for all Raychem Products including Heat Trace Cables and Accessories, Cable Terminations, Heat Shrink Sleeves and Heat Shrink Tubing. We offer easy access to thousands of Raychem products as well as many other brands to meet your electrical supply needs.

How is epoxy used in heat shrinkable sleeves?

Epoxy forms strong mechanical and chemical bond to pipe and Second Layer of the hot-melt copolymer adhesive. Third layer radiation cross linked high density polyethylene provides Mechanical protection for moisture, heat and any damages. Full resistance to shear forces induced by soil and thermal movements.

How big is a HBPE heat shrinkable sleeve?

Pattern backing system that provides a ‘Shrink Indicator’ for application of heat and ensures proper shrinkage visibility also allows reliability for the Inspection. Sleeve width (mm): 18″, 20″, 24″ Other width (10″-36″) are available, as per customer special requirement.

What do you need to know about Te Raychem?

A broad portfolio of terminal and splice options used across multiple industries is the most basic, yet critical connection in all types of applications. TE’s Raychem wire and cable products provide the right balance of properties to meet fit, form, function, and performance requirements in all types of applications.

Who is the founder of Raychem Tubing Company?

Since TE’s Raychem was founded 60 years ago, as the first company to develop products using the new area of science called “radiation chemistry,” this family of products has been a global leader in material science, engineering, and manufacturing. The founder, electrical engineer Paul Cook discovered the process…

What does Raychem heat shrink tubing do for You?

Heat Shrink Tubing TE’s Raychem heat shrink tubing is available in different varieties of materials, colors and sizes. Each is designed to provide long term protection in the most demanding environments where moisture, corrosion, mechanical damage and extreme temperature are found.