Why is Age of Adaline rated PG 13?

Why is Age of Adaline rated PG 13?

Rating: PG-13, for some thematic material, including violence. Blake Lively stars in this romantic fantasy as a beautiful woman who stopped aging at 29 after a cosmic car accident.

Can kids watch The Age of Adaline?

Age Appropriate For: 13+.

Why is The Age of Adaline rated M?

There are some passionate kisses and a couple of love scenes (which don’t show much more than the woman’s bare shoulders and the man’s bare chest), as well as some language (infrequent use of “s–t”), drinking, and violence (the main character nearly dies two different times, including in a fateful car crash, and there …

Did the movie The Age of Adaline win any awards?

It was a modest box-office success, grossing $65.7 million worldwide on a $25 million budget. The film received two nominations at the 42nd Saturn Awards, one for Best Fantasy Film and one for Lively for Best Actress….

The Age of Adaline
Box office $65.7 million

Is the Age of Adaline on Netflix?

Unfortunately, The Age of Adaline is not streaming on Netflix and it is unclear if or when the hit movie will appear on the streaming platform. Until then, you can check out similar titles like About Time and The Man without Gravity. Both are currently streaming on Netflix with a subscription.

What genre is Age of Adaline?

The Age of Adaline/Genres

Is Age of Adaline sad?

It’s a sad predicament, but there’s no tension in it. Then Harrison Ford and Kathy Baker show up as Ellis’ parents, William and Kathy Jones, who’ve been married for forty years. Suddenly “The Age of Adaline” locks into the right tone and rarely steps wrong.

What year was the Age of Adaline?

May 8, 2015 (Taiwan)
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Is Age of Adaline a true story?

Born as an old man who gradually becomes younger and younger until he simply ceases to be born at all, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button won hearts — and plenty of awards — when it came out in 2008. However, the plot was actually loosely based on a 1922 short story of the same name by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Can The Age of Adaline really happen?

Today, there are many strands of research involved in the science of aging—and how to prevent it from happening. While most people are not “immune to the ravages of time,” as Adaline magically experiences, there is still hope for humankind to live longer and healthier lives—and theoretically, even exist indefinitely.

Is Age of Adaline on Hulu or Netflix?

Watch The Age of Adaline Streaming Online. Hulu (Free Trial)

Is The Age of Adaline real?

You may have noticed that I said that Lively’s character is 107 years old. It’s true. Adaline Bowman is, you see, cursed or blessed with a unique affliction: at 29 she was in an accident involving a car, some cold water, and a lightning bolt that stopped her aging process.

How old is Adaline in the age of Adaline?

THE AGE OF ADALINE is about the unconventional life of a beautiful woman named Adaline Bowman (Blake Lively). As a 29-year-old widowed mother in 1937, Adaline is in a freak car accident that leaves her unable to age (it’s not magic, though; the narrator explains some complicated “scientific” reasons for her ageless body).

How old is Blake Lively in the age of Adaline?

The fantasy/romance film Age of Adaline stars Blake Lively as Adaline who was perfect as the ageless 29 year old beauty who through what is described as a scientific phenomena combined with a horrific car accident survives what would otherwise have lead to her sudden death.

Who is voice of voice of younger Adaline?

When a weekend with his parents threatens to uncover the truth, Adaline makes a decision that will change her life forever. The world has changed in the last century. Adaline has not. It is a frequently asked question whether Harrison Ford dubbed the voice of his character’s younger self.

Who is Ellis Jones in the age of Adaline?

But a chance encounter with charismatic philanthropist Ellis Jones reignites her passion for life and romance. When a weekend with his parents threatens to uncover the truth, Adaline makes a decision that will change her life forever. The world has changed in the last century. Adaline has not.