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Why is the close of a report or proposal so important?

Why is the close of a report or proposal so important?

the close is your last chance to convince the reader of the merits of your proposal, so make doubly sure its clear, compelling and audience-oriented.

What are ways in which reports and proposals differ?

What are ways in which reports and proposals differ? They differ in that reports are typically requested where as proposals are typically unsolicited.

Which statement about writing skills in today’s workplace is most accurate?

Which statement about writing in today’s workplace is most accurate? Writing skills are important for only managers and top business executives. Today’s workers are expected to write a variety of messages using many electronic technologies. Messages written in today’s workplace are intended for only internal audiences.

Which of the following is an advantage of written communication?

What are the main advantages of written communication? its permanent, more time can go into it so it is more accurate, complex info can be read and reread.

What is the most accurate statement about workplace teams?

what is the most accurate statement about workplace teams? A working group was formed to rewrite the company’s mission statement. The members have been meeting for quite some time. They are extremely loyal to one another and have figured out how to solve any conflicts that might arise.

What is the least accurate statement about workplace teams?

What is the least accurate statement about workplace teams? Decisions reached by teams usually get less buy-in than decisions reached individually. Melinda has agreed to be a team leader in her organization and wants to make sure that the team is ethically responsible.

When communicating during a job interview An advantage is that you can?

Reducing the size of the team doesn’t directly address the issue, and using the telephone might be difficult since team members work in three different time zones. When communicating during a job interview, an advantage is that you can create a personal connection.

What statement about the use and meaning of color is most accurate?

What statement about the use and meaning of color is most accurate? Colors can be used to arouse different responses or to symbolize concepts.

What color means trustworthy?


What is the most depressing color?

Grey is the quintessential sad color, but dark and muted cool colors like blue, green or neutrals like brown or beige can have a similar effect on feelings and emotions depending on how they’re used. In Western cultures black is often considered the color of mourning, whereas in some East Asian countries it’s white.

What color is the most attention getting?


What is the ugliest color?

The world’s ugliest color has been described as “death,” “dirty” and “tar,” but this odious hue is serving an important purpose: discouraging smoking. Pantone 448 C, a “drab, dark brown” also called “opaque couché,” was specifically selected after three months and multiple studies by research agency GfK.

What color means hate?

Light red represents joy, sexuality, passion, sensitivity, and love. Pink signifies romance, love, and friendship. It denotes feminine qualities and passiveness. Dark red is associated with vigor, willpower, rage, anger, leadership, courage, longing, malice, and wrath.

What Colour is the most sexually attractive?

Given the above, red, black, and copper/bronze would seem to head the list of the most sexually attractive colours. Research shows that colour affects shopping habits. Red-orange, black, and royal blue attracts impulse buyers. Pink, light green, light and navy blue attract tight budget shoppers.

What color turns a man on?

The Subtle Signal That Says “I Want You” Turns out, we might. New research out of the University of Rochester found that guys think a woman is more interested in sex when she’s wearing red. For their study, scientists showed men a pic of a woman wearing a red T-shirt, and another of her wearing a white T-shirt.

What color do guys like on a girl?

Men’s favorite colors are blue, black, green, brown and of course red. Women like purple, orange, yellow, green and red the best.

Which is the most attractive part of female body?

Nearly half of the male respondents (46 percent) voted for the face as the most attractive feature of a female. This was followed by the butt (18 percent), hair (11 percent) and legs (9 percent).

What men look for in a woman physically?

Men, on average, tend to be attracted to women who have a youthful appearance and exhibit features such as a symmetrical face, full breasts, full lips, and a low waist-hip ratio.

What are the prettiest features on a girl?

Characteristic features of the female “sexy face” in comparison to the “unsexy face”:Suntanned skin.Narrower facial shape.Less fat.Fuller lips.Slightly bigger distance of eyes.Darker, narrower eye brows.More, longer and darker lashes.Higher cheek bones.