Can I spend a 1986 2 pound coin?

Can I spend a 1986 2 pound coin?

The original single-colour £2 coin, first issued in 1986, was a commemorative issue only (see below for a list of the subjects) and while it is legal tender, that does not mean retailers or even banks are obliged to take it as payment.

How much is a Scottish Commonwealth Games 2 coin worth?

£2 Coin 2002 XVII Commonwealth Games (Scotland) Collector Value: £9.08 is a mid-point price for 2002 XVII Commonwealth Games (Scotland) £2 coins marked as sold on eBay UK. The price range for a good condition circulated example of this £2 coin is between £8.77 and £9.32.

What is the rarest 2 pound coin?

Based on mintage figures, the top ten rarest £2 coins are as follows:

  • Olympic Games Handover to London (2008), Mintage: 918,000.
  • King James Bible (2011), Mintage: 975,000.
  • Olympic Games of 1908 (2008), Mintage: 910,000.
  • Mary Rose (2011), Mintage: 1,040,000.
  • London Underground logo (2013), Mintage: 1,560,000.

Are old 2 coins still legal tender?

The familiar bi-metallic UK £2 coin was introduced in 1998 (the first was actually dated 1997). The older coins remain legal tender but are rarely seen in circulation.

Is a 1986 2 pound coin worth anything?

The short answer is that this coin is worth £2. If you are interested in purchasing Two Pound Coins click here.

What two pound coins are worth money?

The 10 most valuable and rare 50p and £2 coins in circulation – and how much they’re worth

  • 2009 Kew Gardens 50p. (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • 2002 N. Ireland Commonwealth Games £2.
  • 2002 Wales Commonwealth Games £2.
  • 2015 Navy £2.
  • 2015 Britannia £2.
  • 2002 England Commonwealth Games £2.
  • 2017 Shield 50p.
  • 2017 Sir Isaac Newton 50p.

How much is the Thistle pound coin worth?

2014 Thistle and Bluebell £1 This Scottish coin design features the thistle and bluebell, and is the fourth rarest coin in the UK. There are an estimated 5,185,000 still in circulation. Coins boxed and in excellent condition can fetch up to £14.74 on eBay.

Is the William Shakespeare 2 coin worth anything?

This coin has a mintage of 4,615,000 and hence sits in the middle in terms of the mintage amount of the three coins. According to eBay, it can sell for an average value of £2.50, slightly above face value.

Is the William Shakespeare skull 2 coin rare?

The coin with the supposed error on it is the Tragedies £2, which features a skull and rose motif in a nod to William Shakespeare’s works on tragic love affairs. It seems to be a new discovery that this is a rare error coin so it’s hard to estimate exactly how much it’s worth.

Is a William Shakespeare 2 coin rare?

Scarcity: 4,355,000 Shakespeare Comedies £2 coins were minted showing the date(s) 2016. The coins entered circulation and can be received as change today, accounting for about 1 in 110 of the two pound coins in circulation.

How much is a coin worth from 1986?

At nearly 1.5 million coins, its mintage was the highest for any Silver Eagle proof to date, resulting in one of the best values in a Silver Eagle proof. The overall average price of silver during 1986 was $6.53 per ounce…….What is a 1986 silver dollar worth?

Denomination 1.00
Dimensions 40.6mm

What is a 1973 50p worth?

The Design of the 1973 EEC 50p coin. The coin is part of the 50 pence design with a 7-sided shape that forms an equilateral curved heptagon that has been minted since 1969. As the name implies, the face value of the coin is worth 0.50 pounds sterling.

How much is a 1986 2 pound coin worth?

How Much is the 1986 2 Pound Coin Worth? The Commonwealth Games 2 pound gold coin has a limited mintage of about 3000. If you’re lucky enough to have this coin, make sure you also have its box and certificate of authenticity. With all these items together, your Commonwealth Games 2 pound gold coin would sell for around £500.

What was the value of the 1986 Commonwealth Games coin?

Two Pounds 1986 XIII Commonwealth Games, Coin from United Kingdom. The £2 coins in base metal (as opposed to the gold double sovereign, which has a nominal face value of one pound too), nickel-brass, were introduced in 1986.

When did the 2 pound coin come out?

Introducing the 1986 2 Pound Coin In 1986, the thirteenth Commonwealth Games were held in Edinburgh, Scotland, and to celebrate, the Royal Mint released this commemorative 2 pound coin, the first British coin ever to honour a sporting event.

What was the Commonwealth Games £2 coin made out of?

The 1986 Commonwealth Games £2 was the first of several commemorative £2. The coin itself was not circulated and was made from a single metal. It was decided in 1998 that there was a requirement for a £2 to be issued and the new coin was redesigned and was bi-metallic. This was the newest addition to the coin set. About the Commonwealth Games