How big is a 39 inch TV in CM?

How big is a 39 inch TV in CM?

Size screen 19-105 inch height and width

TV size 37 inch 37 81.9
TV size 38 inch 38 84.1
TV size 39 inch 39 86.34
TV size 40 inch 40 88.6

What are dimensions of 39 inch TV?

TV Dimensions Guide: Screen Size, Height-Width, Viewing Area

Size of TV in inches (Dimensions) Dimensions Height x Width in inches
39 inch TV Height: 19.1 inch, Width: 33.9 inch
40 inch TV Height: 19.6 inch, Width: 34.8 inch
41 inch TV Height: 20.1 inch, Width: 35.7 inch
42 inch TV Height: 20.5 inch, Width: 36.5 inch

How many cm is a 40 inch TV?

TV Size to Distance Calculator and Science

Size Width Height
40″ 34.9″ 88.6 cm 19.6″ 49.8 cm
43″ 37.5″ 95.3 cm 21.1″ 53.6 cm
50″ 43.6″ 110.7 cm 24.5″ 62.2 cm
55″ 47.9″ 121.7 cm 27″ 68.6 cm

What size is a 42 inch TV in CM?

42 inches is 106.68 cm so the screen dimensions are 93 x 53.2 cm….

How is TV size measured in cm?

Measure the screen from corner to corner to confirm the advertised size.

  1. Some common sizes for TVs based on the diagonal dimensions of the screen include 24 in (61 cm), 28 in (71 cm), 32 in (81 cm), 42 in (110 cm). 48 in (120 cm), and 60 in (150 cm).
  2. You can also find TVs with screens as big as 72 in (180 cm) or larger.

How wide is 42 inch TV?

Widescreen TV Stand Width Chart

TV Dimensions (Diagonal) Screen Width
38 inch TV 33.1 inches + Bezel
40 inch TV 34.9 inches + Bezel
42 inch TV 36.6 inches + Bezel
44 inch TV 38.3 inches + Bezel

Who makes a 39 inch Smart TV?

Samsung 39 Led Tv : Target.

Do they make 37 inch tvs anymore?

37″ tvs in general are rare…. normally goes from 32 to 42…..

How big is a 55 inch TV CM?

Dimensions of the most common TV sizes

Inches to cm Average height in cm (without stand)
43 inches 109 57
49 inches 125 64
55 inches 140 71
65 inches 165 83

What is the width of a 42 inch TV?

How many cm is a 43 inch TV?

Dimensions of the most common TV sizes

Inches to cm Average height in cm (without stand)
32 inches 81 43
43 inches 109 57
49 inches 125 64
55 inches 140 71

How is TV size measured?

In fact, manufacturers measure the display panel diagonally, from corner to corner without factoring in the space that the edges (or ‘bezels’) take up. The best way to measure your TV’s actual screen size is to go diagonally, from corner to corner, leaving out the borders.

What are the dimensions of a TV?

While they all have 26 inch screens, the physical dimensions of the television will vary. Some models measure 22.3 x 15.2 x 3.3 inches. Other TVs have dimensions of 24.3 x 13.2 x 2.3 inches. These figures are width, height and depth. As the name makes clear, the flat screen TV is a television with a flat screen.

What are the dimensions of flat screen televisions?

Flat panel plasma television screen sizes typically range from 42 inches to 65 inches, measured diagonally. LCD television screens in the consumer market typically range from 19 inches to 70 inches. LED televisions typically have screens in the 32 inch to 60 inch range.

How big is a smart TV?

The Smart TV is 48.8 x 31.0 x 11.5 inches in size with the stand. The DTS Studio Sound Smart TV feature has many applications with an S-Recommendation and Full Web Browser. Eliminate the requirement of using multiple devices to obtain a great viewing experience.

How big is a LG TV?

LG Televisions. You’ll get a good deal when you buy LG televisions online or in store from The Good Guys. Available in a wide variety of display sizes, 43 inch, 50 inch, 55 inch, 60 inch, 65 inch, 75 inch and more, you’ll be sure to find one that meets your entertainment needs.