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How did the Mitsubishi Pajero do in the Dakar?

How did the Mitsubishi Pajero do in the Dakar?

At the time, many motorsport experts believed Mitsubishi’s Dakar debut would end in failure. However, the Pajero’s rugged nature shone through, and Mitsubishi scored a one-two in their first time out on the event.

How many times has the Pajero won the Dakar Rally?

The Pajero has earned a respected legacy in rally and are particularly noted for having won the Dakar Rally 12 times, having the highest number of Dakar Rally stage wins (nearly twice that of the nearest competitor) and seizing 80% of Dakar Rally podium finishes from 2001-2005.

How old is the Mitsubishi Pajero in the Philippines?

Dakar proven and off-road ready, the Mitsubishi Pajero is just one of many icons to come out of the Diamond Star brand and, this year, it celebrates its 35 th anniversary. Despite the rise of crossovers, the name Pajero still resounds among many Filipinos and has gained a strong following ever since.

Who is the owner of the Mitsubishi Pajero CK?

The owner of this unique CK is Jon-B Capay. It’s these changes to the Pajero is what drew him to this particular generation, as well as the added safety features and equipment. For him, this is the Pajero that moved it upmarket. In many ways, the third-generation broke away from tradition with all these changes.

When did the Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution come out?

From 1997 to 1999, Mitsubishi – then one of Japan’s biggest car manufacturers – produced the Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution, an SUV created for true off-road enthusiasts. In short, it was a street-legal vehicle designed for the Dakar Rally.

Is the Mitsubishi Pajero a tough looking car?

It really is tough. From the aerodynamic, yet rugged-looking chrome front grille, to the no-nonsense, utilitarian tailgate, the Pajero has powerful looks that won’t go unnoticed. The exterior of the Pajero may be tough, but inside it’s a completely different story.

What kind of engine does a Pajero have?

While the normal second-generation Pajero was a famously sturdy SUV, it was powered by a variety of not particularly impressive inline-four and V-6 engines. The top of the line 3.5-liter GDI V-6 produced 245 horsepower and 253 pound-feet (343 Nm), which brought the 0 to 60 mph (97 km/h) time down to 9.5 seconds.