University Courses and Society Economic needs

The aim of every society is to have positive values, this has been a concern of every society. Economic development has been and is still the backbone of every society. Research conducted by renowned scholars shows the need for an education system that leads to a positive economic development.

Hand of businessman with money buying a graduation cap and diploma scroll isolated on blue background

Most scholars dynamic relationship between economic development and education advocates for theory of linear model. The theory shows that there is a direct relationship between education and the general development. Capitalist argue that the most effective way to national growth and development is the improvement of the level of literacy in a counties population. Modernization theory also advocates for education being the path of acquisition of modern values and attitudes, to them there is a one to one relationship between social-economic and the form of education offered in a country. In their view education is the best approach to use to suppress attitudes, values and beliefs that hinder modernization process. (American Association of State Colleges and Universities 1986).

Educational economists such as Hoffman and welch explained the importance of formal education as a positive production investment. They advocate for investment in human capital that will provide the necessary labor force for growth and industrial development. They consider educational program explicitly as an investment that results to efficient present and future societal development. According to them, allocating resources to educational activities is the best choice compared to other alternative activities.

In conclusion, university course should and must be geared towards economic development. Educational planners should develop a curriculum that supports economic development in the present days and in future. A curriculum that is whole rounded should be adopted, both arts and sciences should be treated equally important, the conflict between scientist and art scholars must be brought to an end for a better social-economic development.