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What are some interesting facts about the Bilderberg Group?

What are some interesting facts about the Bilderberg Group?

19 Shocking Facts And Theories About The Bilderberg Group. 1 1. New World Order – More Money and Power for the Top 0.1%. Via humansarefree.com. 2 2. Perpetual Wars. 3 3. Global Mind Control. 4 4. The Bilderberg Group’s Intense Dislike of Trump. 5 5. The North American Union (NAU)

What are the topics for the 2016 Bilderberg Meeting?

For the 2016 meeting here is the list of the topics up for discussion: China, current events, cybersecurity, Europe (growth, immigrants, reform, unity and vision), geopolitics of energy and commodities, lower classes and the middle class, Middle East, Russia, technological innovation, US political climate, economy, debt, growth, and reform.

Who was Prime Minister after attending Bilderberg Meeting?

Everyone invited sees a major career boost after attending a Bilderberg meeting. Bill Clinton attended while he was the Governor of Arkansas and within a year he was President of the United States. Tony Blair became Prime Minister of the UK, four years after going to his first Bilderberg meeting. 19.

What did Jim Tucker do for the Bilderberg Group?

Since the early 1970s, Jim Tucker has been spying on Bilderberg meetings, bringing back intel about discussions of the Bilderberg Group related to the disbanding of the Soviet Union, the invasion of Iraq a year before it happened, and how to get a civil war raging in Syria.

Is the Bilderberg Group Guided by the Illuminati?

• As the twenty-first century progresses,a new system of fascism will emerge under the guise of “free-trade” practices that will in fact be guided by the Illuminati. • The Bilderbergers have approved the Red Chinese model of economics as the standard for the emerging European superstate and the United States.