What is the difference between an XJ and a ZJ?

What is the difference between an XJ and a ZJ?

Xj has more aftermarket parts than the ZJ. You can get parts for Xj from different brands easily but ZJ is more difficult to mod. Not only Xj has more aftermarket parts but they are also way cheaper and easily accessible when compared to the zj aftermarket parts. There are a lot of things you can do to improve the XJ.

What lug pattern is a Jeep ZJ?

Jeep Wheel Bolt Patterns & Typical Lug Bolt Torque Specifications

84 – 01 Jeep Cherokee XJ & Commanche MJ 15″ 1/2 x 20
93 – 98 Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ 15″ 1/2 x 20
99 – 04 Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ 16″ – 20″ 1/2 x 20
05 – 10 Jeep Grand Cherokee WK 16″ – 20″ 1/2 x 20
11 – 19 Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2 16″ – 20″ 14mm x 150

Will Jeep Wrangler wheels fit a Cherokee XJ?

if they fit a Wrangler (YJ/TJ) then yes they fit your XJ. Just to clarify wheels from a ’07 – up wrangler jk wont fit xj’s. But tj’s and yj’s wheels will fit xj’s. The wheels that your looking at should fit.

What size are stock XJ rims?

Re: 15×8 3.75 stock 96 XJ tire size You might be better served by buying wheels with more offset, maybe 4.5″. 3.75″ of offset is too little for most applications that keep the stock flares, especially considering the stock rims are 7 X 15 with 5.25″ of offset.

What does XJ Jeep stand for?

eXperimental Jeep
The most ambitious Jeep ever undertaken, the XJ (said to mean eXperimental Jeep, although the veracity of this is not well substantiated) was revolutionary in design: it was the first SUV to use a bespoke unibody chassis for more car-like performance and design attributes.

Is a Grand Cherokee a XJ?

American Motors’s compact XJ Cherokee was to be replaced by a new and larger model known as the ZJ (later named the Jeep Grand Cherokee when introduced in 1993) that was under development by AMC. The Jeep XJ has remained a popular choice by off-roading enthusiasts due to its potent off-roading capability in stock form.

Will a 5×4 5 fit 5×5?

The wheel adapter set is used to convert 5 lug 4.5-inch (114.3mm) hub bolt pattern to fit 5×5. 5 (139.7mm) bolt pattern wheels. They will also space out your wheels for 1 inch to help your get enough clearance for wider tires and rims.

Will a 5×5 5 fit a 5×5 bolt pattern?

And yes you can put 5×5. 5 on a JK, either with adapters or by changing the axles (what I am going to do). But now I can get my 5×5 wheels and just have axles made with the 5×5 bolt pattern and not have to worry about strength.

What rims will fit a Jeep Liberty?

Only a few 15″ wheels can fit on the Liberty without interfering with the brake caliper. Some other choices are the Rock Crawler Xtreme Steel Wheels with a backspacing of 4.5″ or 3.75″ or Cragar Wheels with 4-4.5″ of backspacing.

Do wrangler rims fit Grand Cherokee?

Do wrangler rims fit Grand Cherokee? The wheel itself will fit just fine. The “new” JK and WJ (99-04) share the same bolt pattern. The tires that come on them might be another story.

What size tires can I fit on stock XJ?

You’ll be able to fit 30″ tire while your Cherokee is stock. You could take the fenders off and do a small amount of trimming and fit 31″ tires if you wanted.

What is a Jeep XJ?

The Jeep Cherokee (XJ) is a compact sport utility vehicle manufactured and marketed across a single generation by Jeep in the United States from 1983 to 2001 — and globally through 2014. It was available in three- or five-door, five passenger, front engine, rear- or four-wheel drive configurations.