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What is VMware vRealize operations for Horizon?

What is VMware vRealize operations for Horizon?

VMware vRealize® Operations for Horizon® extends the functionality of VMware vRealize® Operations Manager™ to monitor and manage VMware Horizon® environments. vRealize Operations for Horizon collects data about your resources and presents that data in preconfigured dashboards for both real-time and predictive analysis.

What is VMware vRealize operations manager?

VMware vRealize® Operations (also referred to as the vROps) is a native solution from VMware that provides operations management across physical, virtual, and hybrid cloud environments spanning many VMware technologies and products.

How do I upgrade vRealize operations for Horizon adapter?

Log in to the vRealize Operations Manager user interface as an administrator. In the menu, click Administration and in the left pane click Solutions. On the Solutions tab, click the Add icon and upgrade the solution.

What is vRealize operations desktop agent?

The vRealize Operations for Horizon desktop agent runs on each desktop source in your Horizon environment. It collects metrics and performance data and sends them to the Horizon Adapter. The desktop agent is installed as part of Horizon Agent .

What does vROps stand for?


Acronym Definition
vROps VRealize Operations Manager (VMware)

Is vRealize operations manager free?

vROPS (vRealize Operation Manager) is free in vSph…

What is VMware Lifecycle Manager?

VMware vRealize® Suite Lifecycle Manager™ delivers complete lifecycle and content management capabilities for vRealize Suite products. It helps customers accelerate time to value by automating deployment, upgrades, and configuration, while bringing DevOps principles to the management of vRealize Suite content.

How do I check vRealize operations manager?


  1. Click the Administration tab, and click Management > Cluster Management.
  2. Under the Nodes in the vRealize Operations Manager Cluster table, verify that the Version column shows the correct version number for each of the nodes.

How do I license vRealize operations manager?

There are two methods of licensing vROps: per processor with unlimited VMs or per virtual machine or physical server monitored. The latter method is also referred to as an Operating System Instance, or OSI. An OSI is any device, physical or virtual, that has an IP address and is capable of being monitored.

How do I install desktop agent?

Log in as a local administrator to the machine where you plan to install the desktop agent….Download the desktop agent installation file from the product download page and run the file.

  1. Read and accept the EULA and click Next.
  2. Click Install to begin the installation.
  3. Click Finish to exit the desktop agent setup wizard.