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What structures run through the superior orbital fissure?

What structures run through the superior orbital fissure?

It lies between the lesser and greater wings of the sphenoid bone. It allows for many structures to pass, including the oculomotor nerve, the trochlear nerve, the ophthalmic nerve, the abducens nerve, the ophthalmic vein, and sympathetic fibres from the cavernous plexus.

What is in the superior orbital fissure?

This fissure, which separates the greater and lesser wings of the sphenoid and lies between the optic foramen and the foramen rotundum, provides passage to the three motor nerves to the extraocular muscles of the orbit: oculomotor nerve (CN III), trochlear nerve (CN IV), and abducens nerve (CN VI).

What is superior orbital fissure function?

Function. The superior orbital fissure functions as a bony aperture through which many important structures pass from the brain into the orbit.

What are orbital fissures?

Medical Definition of orbital fissure : either of two openings transmitting nerves and blood vessels to or from the orbit: a : one situated superiorly between the greater wing and the lesser wing of the sphenoid bone.

Where is the superior orbital fissure?

The superior orbital fissure is a bony cleft found at the orbital apex between the roof and lateral wall. It is a communication between the orbital cavity and middle cranial fossa and is bounded by the greater wing, lesser wing and body of sphenoid.

Which foramina and fissures are associated with the orbit?

Foramina and fissures of the skull

Foramen caecum Emissary veins
Optic canal Optic nerve (CNII), ophthalmic artery, dural sheath of optic nerve
Superior orbital fissure Oculomotor nerve (CNIII), trochlear nerve (CN IV), ophthalmic division of the trigeminal nerve (CNV1), abducent nerve (CNVI), ophthalmic veins

What nerve exits superior orbital fissure?

The order of the nerves passing through the superior orbital fissure from superior to inferior:

  • L: lacrimal nerve (branch of CN V1)
  • F: frontal nerve (branch of CN V1)
  • T: trochlear nerve (CN IV)
  • S: superior division of the oculomotor nerve (CN III)
  • N: nasociliary nerve (branch of CN V1)

What goes through orbital fissure?

Structures passing through this fissure : superior and inferior divisions of oculomotor nerve (III), trochlear nerve (IV), lacrimal, frontal and nasociliary branches of ophthalmic (V1), abducens nerve (VI), superior and inferior divisions of ophthalmic vein, inferior division also passes through the inferior orbital …

What is the difference between a foramen and a fissure?

Fissure – An open slit in a bone that usually houses nerves and blood vessels. Foramen – A hole through which nerves and blood vessels pass. Examples include supraorbital foramen, infraorbital foramen, and mental foramen on the cranium.

How do you remember the contents of superior orbital fissure?

Mnemonics for the nerves passing through the superior orbital fissure include:

  1. Lazy French Tarts Sit Nakedly In Anticipation.
  2. Live Frankly To See Absolutely No Insult.
  3. Live Free To See No Insult At All.

How do you remember superior orbital fissure?

Is a fissure a depression or opening?

Fissure Narrow slit or groove between adjacent parts of bone through which blood vessels, nerves or ligaments pass
Foramen Opening (hole) through which blood vessels, nerves or ligaments pass
Fossa Shallow depression
Sulcus Furrow or groove along a bone surface that accommodates a blood vessel, nerve or tendon