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Which is the best book for NDA SSB preparation?

Which is the best book for NDA SSB preparation?

Let’s Crack SSB Interview 1 Edition (English, Paperback, SSBCrack)

Publication Year 2020
Book Type SSB Interview Preparation
Exam AFCAT Exam, SSB Interview, NDA Exam, CDS Exam

Is NDA SSB interview tough?

SSB interview is the most extensive and toughest among all the interviews conducted for government job examinations. To become an officer in Indian Armed Forces, you have to clear the SSB interview. There are lots of candidates, who have qualified NDA or CDS written exam several times but failed in SSB interview.

How can I prepare for NDA SSB interview?

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  1. Tips to Crack NDA SSB Interview – NDA examination is one of the ways to enter the army, navy and air force.
  2. Be Thorough with SSB Tests and Procedures.
  3. Practice and Form Test-Wise Preparation Habits.
  4. Current Affairs.
  5. Detailed Knowledge of Certain Topics.
  6. Brush up the Technical and Academic Knowledge.

What is SSB interview in NDA?

Services Selection Board Interview (SSB Interviews), also called as “Intelligence and Personality test” is conducted by SSB Board, Ministry of Defence. Those who clear the first stage (Either CDS or NDA) have to undergo SSB interviews, spread over a period of 5 days. This stage comprises two sub-stages.

How can I prepare for SSB?

  1. 1 Know SSB’s tests and procedures inside out.
  2. 2 After following tip no 1, do good practice and form test-wise preparation habits.
  3. 3 Don’t ignore Current Affairs.
  4. 4 Some things you should have detailed knowledge about-
  5. 5 Brush up your Technical/ Academic knowledge.
  6. 6 Know your native state/town better.

Is there any book for SSB interview?

SSB Interview: The Complete Guide by Dr N.K. The book simplifies all the steps of the process like the screening test, psychological test, group test, interview and conference to let you be prepared for every stage of the interview rounds.

Which is World’s Toughest Interview?

10 most difficult exams and interviews of the world!

  • CA Final exam (India)
  • All Souls Prize Fellowship Exam.
  • Google:
  • NASA astronaut candidate program:
  • LSAT.
  • FBI.
  • United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE)
  • National Higher Education Entrance Examination (China)

Can I clear SSB in first attempt?

So here are some tips which will help you in cracking the SSB in the very first attempt itself: 1. Be YOURSELF: It is very likely that you will try all the means to get to know the SSB. You’ll leave no stone unturned to get the success tips and listen to the experience of people you know.

How can I pass SSB interview?

For making it happen, I suggest that you go through this article, know these tips closer and implement them religiously.

  1. Killer Tips to Crack SSB Interview.
  2. 1 Know SSB’s tests and procedures inside out.
  3. 2 After following tip no 1, do good practice and form test-wise preparation habits.
  4. 3 Don’t ignore Current Affairs.

What questions will be asked in SSB interview?

Important Questions asked in SSB Interview

  • Tell me something about yourself.
  • Tell me your percentage starting from class 8 onwards.
  • How many best friends you have?
  • Which is the quality of your best friend you like the most?
  • Whom do you tell your secrets?
  • Who is your role model?
  • Tell me about your daily routine.

Can I speak Hindi in SSB interview?

Yes, you may use Hindi if you get stuck with a sentence but you have to fall back on English to complete your point. Other than the board of officers assessing your performance, you have to talk to other candidates. They may not be free with Hindi.

What is NDA salary?

Rank-Wise NDA Salary

NDA Salary – Army, Navy, Air Force
NDA Posts or Ranks Salary of NDA Officer (Per Month)
Lieutenant INR 56,100/- to INR 1,77, 500/-
Captain INR 61,300/- to 01,93,900/-
Major INR 69,400/- to 02,07,200/-